Iranian dates is one of the famous fruits of this country (Persia) . There are many types of dates producing in Iran. But most famous types of this lovely fruit that exports outside is: Mazafati , Kabkab , Sayer , Piarom , Zahedi , Shahani.

About 80,000 tons of Iranian Dates are exported to more than 70 countries yearly. India is the biggest Dates importer from Iran.

Some other countries such as : Germany, United Kingdom, Nederlands, Austria, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, South Africa, Iraq, Georgia, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, Oman, Kuwait and … are importing Dates from Persia (Iran).

Sabzino Middle East Trading Company is an agricultural based company that exports Iranian Fruits and Vegetables to more than 10 countries. We provide high quality dates from south of Iran. You can visit our factory, Sorting Saloon and Packaging System by sending us a request.

If you want to have your own packages, please tell us. You can import dates from Iran under your brand name. Just send us your packaging Idea and design, we produce it for you using high quality materials.

You can contact us for price inquiry in different ways. But we recommended Whatsapp by texting or calling with this number:  +98-9131009342

Mazafati Dates

  • Variety type of soft & fresh dates
  • Also known as Bam dates
  • Growing in Bam City / Kerman Province
  • The size of Mozafati is medium
  • The color of this type of Rotab is dark brown to black
  • Delicious taste
  • Moisture level is 20%
  • Annual Production is more than 100k tons
  • And finally the harvest time of Mazafati dates is in middle of august

Kabkab Dates

  • Kabkab Dates is large
  • The taste of kabkab is soft sweet & delicious
  • Dashtestan Located in Bushehr province and some southern areas in Fars province are producing Kabkab dates in Iran.
  • Kabkab is suitable for industrial usage
  • Direct consumption also
  • Wide range of use in bakeries and food industries because of its nectarous and softness
  • Kabkab is black and brown
  • October is the harvest time of Kabkab dates
  • Moisture level is under 18%
  • Annual Production is about 50k tons

Sayer Dates

  • Unique dates in the world because of its nutrition value & sugar percentage
    • Semi Dryness
    • High Level Of Sugar
    • Easily Separations Of Core Dates
    • Redundant Juice
  • The product of Khuzestan province in south west of Iran
  • Sayer dates are dark orange-brown with size of medium
  • October is the harvest time of Sayer dates
  • Annual Production is about 50k tons
  • Usage > Industrial Usage & Direct Consumption


Quality Type

Exportable Dates

Dates Packaging

600 gr, 3 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg

Iranian Dates Type

Mazafati, Zahedi, Shahani, Piarom, Sayer, Kabkab

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