Iranian Dates

Dates are one of Iran’s most valuable agricultural crops, and many types of date varieties are cultivated and obtained in Iran. In total, around 4,000 varieties of dates have been identified and categorized worldwide, of which over 400 are cultivated in Iran.

Iran is the second largest producer of date palms in the world after Egypt, but far better in taste and quality due to favorable weather conditions for date palm growth in Iran. This has led many countries in the world to buy Iranian dates and import Iranian dates. Dates Iran, also known as Persian dates, is one of the most economical and best-selling dates in the world and today many countries in the world are competing for buy and import Persian dates.

Importing Persian dates

There are many ways to import Iran dates, which is undoubtedly the best way to buy Iran dates, contract and interact with Iran date companies. Due to their knowledge and expertise, Iranian date suppliers identify, package and export the best Iranian or Persian dates. In fact, these companies, which mainly operate as Iranian date export companies, offer the best quality Iranian date in the best packaging.

Supplying dates from Iran, given the harsh economic sanctions imposed on Iran, is extremely difficult without engaging these powerful Iranian date companies. A date palm factory in Iran focuses on producing and producing the best dates from the best farms in Iran, and a large supplier of Iranian dates interacts with these factories to produce the best and highest quality dates in Iran, through strong and secure communications, and Offers to buyers all over the world.

Sabzino Tejarat Khavarmianeh Company with the brand name, Sabzino, is one of the biggest Iranian date suppliers and major exporters of Iranian dates that using its big business network, and creating secure ways for financial and commodity exchanges, Has been able to cooperate with many Persian Dates customers worldwide, And in the least amount of time and with very high quality, bring quality, fresh Iranian dates to them anywhere in the world.

The economic value of dates is very high and is considered one of the most important agricultural products in the world. Having natural sugar, being energetic, having a variety of vitamins and nutrients along with many minerals and nutrients such as fiber, antioxidants, etc.  It has made palms a potential fruit, both in traditional medicine and even in the most modern medical and scientific methods in the world.
Today, dates are harvested in about 34 countries. Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Iran have the highest levels of date palm cultivation in the world, with Egypt and later Iran producing the largest dates in the world.

Iranian date or Persian date varieties

Iranian Dates are very varied and because of the great value that this fruit has, almost all varieties of dates are of great economic value. But the most popular and known Iranian dates that have the most customers or buyer in the world can be found in the list below which fortunately all of these dates are well produced in Iran:

  • Piarom dates:

The most valuable and expensive Iranian dates in the world and Iran. These dates are semi-arid and late dates.

  • Mazafati dates

It is the most common and well-known type of dates in Iran that has many fans around the word.

  • Gentar dates

These Iranian dates are available in both Kharak (not ripped date) and rutab(semi ripped date) types and are in a wet date categories.

  • Estameran dates

It is a semi-arid species and is often cultivated in Khuzestan province in Iran and is of great economic value.

  • Shahani dates

It is a kind of wet and first class Iranian dates witch because of its soft and delicate texture has a lot of demands.

  • Zahedi dates

It is a soft and semi-dry Persian date that has less sweetness than other dates.

  • Kabkab dates

Semi-dry Iranian date with thick skin and widely cultivated in Iran.

  • Asali date or Honey dates

It is a kind of Persian dates that is very popular in Iran and in a Persian Gulf regions.

  • Rabi dates

A semi-arid, long-lived date that is often cultivated in Sistan and Baluchistan province in Iran.

  • Berhi dates

One of the tasty Iranian dates is yellow color and belongs to the wet family of dates. This type of date is also very popular

  • Al mehtari Date

It is a small and early Iranian date that cultivated mainly in Hormozgan province in iran.

  • Khazravi dates

A soft Iranian date that is consumed as kharak and rutab and is mainly cultivated in Khuzestan province in Iran.

  • Khasuei dates

These Iranian dates, also known as Aloei dates, are semi-humid dates and have a very good taste, which is sometimes compared to the taste of Piarom dates.

  • Mardasang dates

It is one of the most famous middle-class Iranian dates in Kerman province and has very limited production which is why it is not well known.

  • Ajveh dates

A soft, dry Iranian dates with a mild sweetness. Sometimes these dates are considered to have healing powers.

  • Anbara dates

It is a large, meaty Persian date that is high in protein and one of the most expensive Iranian dates.

  • Safavi dates

It is a meaty and vitamin-rich date from Iran. The high vitamin D content of these dates has made it an effective and therapeutic date.

  • Sagay dates

It has a non-Iranian origin and is a semi-dried, wrinkled-looking date. It tastes great and has great economic value.

  • Khadri dates

Wrinkled and other semi-dried Iranian dates available in two types, large and small. These dates are reasonably priced and are one of the most energy-efficient of the dates.

  • Shekari dates or sugar dates

It is a crunchy and nutritious Iranian date that cultivated mainly in Saudi Arabia and southern Iran and is one of the dry or semi-arid dates.

  • Medzul Dates

It has a large, soft texture Iranian dates and is why it is called the queen of dates. These dates are of great economic value and are extremely popular in European countries, especially the United States.

  • Kholas dates

It is one of the Iranian dates that has a unique fragrance and is a moist date

Of course, other varieties of dates should also be added to this category. Fortunately, a wide range of dates are produced in Iran, and unlike in the past some companies, such as Sabzino, have greatly improved the packaging and exporting Iranian dates to most of other countries and these days all of the customers around the world can find and buy Iranian dates with best quality.

Sabzino Co By creating ultra-secure business paths, and highly secure guaranteed financial interactions, is ready to export Persian dates to many countries that want Persian or Iranian dates, while all trading companies want to import dates from Iran, by interacting with the Sabzino Company, could buy and import the finest and best quality Iranian dates.

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