Import Dates From Iran

Dates are one of the most strategic agricultural products in the world that are harvested from palm trees. Edible and sweet fruit dates with a hard core and a thin skin that hangs like large clusters of the tree, and is mostly harvested in the late summer. The height of the palm tree is 10 to 20 meters. The palm has a great variety in the fruit and is cultivated in each region depending on the climatic and regional conditions.

Import Dates From Iran

Iran, after Egypt, produces the most dates in the world, but the quality of dates in Iran is the best in the world, and therefore the dates produced in Iran have many customers and many people from many European, Asian and American countries.
A range of varieties of dates are cultivated in Iran, among which the dates of the Piarom are the best kinds of dates in the world that can be grown only in Iran and in the Hojiabad area of Hormozgan province. These dates are known as chocolate dates and are considered as semi-dry dates.

Estameran, Mazafati, Rabbi, Shahani, Kabakab and many other very popular Iranian dates that especially founded in the southern provinces in Iran. According to some experts, 400 varieties of dates are planted in Iran.

Each year, millions of tons of dates are exported to the countries of the region and many countries of the world. But despite the existence of huge markets in all parts of the world, many companies and businessmen are looking to buy dates or import dates from Iran and distribute them to different markets.

It is not difficult to import dates from Iran. There are several ways to import dates from Iran. Registration of a cooperative company in Iran, purchase of dates from regional markets in Iran directly or through the intermediary, purchase of dates from free trade zones of Iran, or purchase of dates from well-known companies operating in the field of export in Iran They are doing this.

But without a doubt, having a reliable business partner and the use of specialized companies in the field of export in Iran is the best way to import Iranian dates. Sabzino Middle East Trading Company is currently the only reputable company in Iran for interacting and importing dates to different countries of the world. Sabzino Company is known for its many years of experience and unique service to its customers around the world. You can also contact our experts at Sabzino for today’s trade with Iran, and to buy and import the best Iranian dates or even other agricultural products today.

How to import dates from Iran

Many small and large companies and even many businessmen are eager to buy Iranian dates or import dates from Iran. These people know well what importing dates from Iran will bring them huge profits. Due to the extraordinary flavor of the date, due to the price paid to the buyer, it is not only well-bought in the shortest time by different buyers in different regions, but also a great deal for businessmen and companies.

But the owners of companies and businessmen are always faced with the following questions:

  • How can buy and import Iranian date products despite sanctions?
  • Although Iran’s banks are subject to international sanctions, how can we pay the cost to Iran’s producer or supplier for the import of quality dates from Iran?
  • Practically, based on LC, businesses cannot count on business with Iran, so how can you be sure that paying to offshore bank account will be safe?- Many ways of transportation of dates from Iranian ports to different destinations under the most severe controls, so can you easily carry out the process of carrying dates from Iran?
  • Many ways of transportation of dates from Iranian ports to different destinations under the most severe controls, so can you easily carry out the process of carrying dates from Iran?
  • And finally, US sanctions against Iran’s products have made Iran doubtful about buying and importing dates of Iran. Then how can we import dates from Iran?
How to import dates from Iran

The fact is, not only in terms of date import or date purchase, but also in a variety of other fields, such as fields of mineral industry, oil and gas, other types of agricultural products, plastic products, fresh and dried fruits, types of products, Iranian quality, all kinds of cosmetics, etc. There are many companies around the world that do the import and trade with Iran without any concern or hesitation. But how?

Transfer money for Iranian companies and traders to Iran

The existence of various US sanctions against Iran has made it almost impossible to dare say that none of the world’s major banks are willing to do business with Iranian banks. This is the reason why almost all companies and date suppliers in Iran have virtually no international or foreign bank account. Perhaps the best solution for purchasing dates from Iran or importing dates from Iran for these companies is to send you an account number to one of the companies or foreign companies that work with them in Iran for you to deposit Introduce dates.

Still, there are some companies that work to transfer money for imports from Iran as well and in the safest possible way for international exchanges.

For this reason, we recommend that you assure our specialty and ability to operate at Sabzino in order to transfer your funds with the highest guarantees and in order to facilitate the import of dates and other types of agricultural products from Iran, All stages of purchase and receipt of dates from Iran with the highest quality of the best farms in Iran with our expertise.

Why should you trust Sabzino Company?

Due to the existing economic and political conditions in Iran and in order to improve our customers’ convenience in importing dates from Iran, we, in Sabzino, decided to conduct a thorough and well-considered investigation of companies in different regions such as Dubai, Turkey, Hong Kong and Etc. We choose to cooperate with us and to be able to through these companies as intermediary of all our transactions and bank documents with our partners and customers abroad.

Therefore, it would be proud to announce that you can transfer your money to our account through EUR / USD / AED systems to purchase dates from Iran or import dates from Iran without paying any additional funds, and from the secure transfer make sure it is secured with your date warranty.

In addition, in order to ensure the purchase of dates from Sabzino Company, you can verify this record by checking our records and data. We have been active in the market for palm marketing for many years and with the strong cooperation with producer and suppliers of dates in Iran, the best and most quality Iranian dates are collected from different regions and using the best and most recent. We will prepare the washing and packing machines for your pallets in different packages or in bulk, using fully standard refrigerated cars and ships with large refrigerated chambers for transportation of dates for you. We will handle your port of entry.

Iran Dates Company

Our records are well illustrated by the fact that our legal contracts are fully guaranteed, and at any time you can follow through your official payment in Iran, and if you see any problem or dispute with the factory or seller and Or the mediator can easily follow your rights with the judicial authorities of Iran, the Chamber of Commerce and even the international judicial bodies. This shows you 100% safe guarantee for us.

Shipping dates from Iran

All manufacturers and suppliers of dates or other types of other Iranian products sell their products extensively EXW factory basis in bulk. For this reason, almost all Iranian customers and buyers will be in a difficult position to import dates or any other product from Iran. Meanwhile, international transport companies have recently stopped shipping services to Iran and Iran following sanctions.

How to find a reliable shipping company for importing dates from Iran?

Sabzino Company has a very strong business relationship, contracts and partnerships with the leading transportation companies both locally and internationally and we have been able to provide this guarantee to our customers to purchase dates and import dates from Iran, which can make their orders without any problems. Latency in every region of the world is achieved using the best and most equipped ships, trains, or trucks equipped in the fastest, easiest and most affordable mode.

In addition, all the dates imported through Iran by our company to clear custom documents from Iran to some of the ports of the region, which have good business relations with Iran, are first sent and then sent to the final destination through these ports at an affordable price.

In addition, our facilities for arranging all export and shipping documents allow us to realize this by our foreign partners.

Sabzino is a leading in supplying and collecting the best quality agricultural products and the highest quality packaging in Iran. In order to satisfy its customers, as well as to protect its brand, the company has always been trying to select the best kinds of dates and agricultural products and offer the best designs for standard packaging, the best quality agricultural products, And the highest assurances, delivered anywhere in the world to our customers.

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